Perth BSAC dive Bass Rock and Craigleith Island in the Firth of Forth

Seven of us departed Perth on a Cloudy Sunday morning to dive the Bass rock near North Berwick, After launching the boat at Low water we headed out to the North Side of the Island and watched the Seabirds heading back to the Island with Food for their young and Bedding for their nests,  We planned to dive the walls on the north side of the Island which drop down to about 28-30 metres, there was a bit of swell from the previous days which was minimal once we dropped down to 20 metres, Visibility was about 4 metres due to algae in the water but wasn’t too bad, the water temperature was 11-12 Celsius and  you could start to see more fish compared to last month with plenty of  Goldsinny wrasse (Ctenolabrus rupestris) a few small cod, and plenty of Juvenile Crustaceans including Squat lobsters, Lobsters, Edible Crabs and Harbour Crabs.  We headed East Along keeping at 20 metres depth along the Wall on the North side of the Bass Rock and each face had a slightly different mixture of animals on it with the beautiful dead mans Fingers and Dahlia Anemones.

Some people get put off by low vis but I always use it as an opportunity to focus in on the small animals and some of these are the most beautiful such as the brightly coloured Nudibranch (Sea Slugs). After heading to 9 metres we came up to the Kelp forest and the swell was quite strong moving us 2 metres at  a time we moved round east to the Calm water and ascended to the Surface.

After popping back to North Berwick for lunch we headed out to the north Side of Craigleith Island for a second Dive, there were lots of Birds on the island including cormorants and puffins whichare always fun to watch, we dropped in the water and with similar visibility we descended down the Rocky Slope to about 22 metres which had lots of Boulders to create ideal habitats for Crabs Lobsters and juvenile fish hiding from the predators above, I was pleased to see lots of Fish including a adult Lemon Sole and several Juvenile plaice.  As before there were plenty Crabs and Lobsters as well as a a few Butter Fish.  This dive site was more sheltered than the Bass Rock and provided more habitats for different animals.

This was was a fun day out and Thanks to Dave for towing the Boat down to North Berwick from Perth.

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