Diving in Loch Earn

We occasionally get asked about diving in Loch Earn so I though I’d put something up that I recently sent to a fellow diver from Aberdeen.
Loch Earn  is a typical Scottish fresh water loch.
The access is very good from both sides from any of the numerous laybys. We have used it for training dives, short evening trips and the opportunity to clean off salt on the way back from the West Coast.
It has a lot of peaty water running into it so the visability can at times be like diving in tea water and consequently when it has been raining can be pitch black anywhere below 3-10 m.  That doesn’t mean it’s not clear, just dark/black.
The water is cold in winter and has a marked thermocline in summer.  Interestingly enough, Loch Earn also has a current in it! Is it tidal or gyratory I wonder??
It has a predominantly silty bottom and we have not found any walls though in the shallows you do get small reef systems.
The life is Spartan, a few fish, trout mostly with the occasional eel and freshwater sponges and hydroids if you look carefully. You are more likely to see golf balls and fishing gear though.
There is a wreck of a coal barge at the St Fillans end, I’ve not done this. It’s tentative position is between the stream outfall at the St Fillans end of the loch (Near the public toilets) and the small island in about 15m. I’m told it’s easy enough to find from a boat with a depth gauge but as I say I’ve not done it.
You do find stuff that has fallen of boats such as batteries and even outboards and we were asked to recover a hydroplane once. At the Western end of the loch at Loch Earnhead there was a WW2 army camp and apparently they dumped lots of equipment at the end of the war, Again I’ve not looked here due to the watersports boat traffic and poor access.

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