Ten new nitrox divers in Perth Scotland

Congratulations to our 10 new Nitrox Certified divers would attended our Nitrox Workshop last night, this course was aimed at all our pre 2007 trained divers who wanted to bring their qualifications up to date with the new BSAC Core diving syllabus.

Nitrox (Enriched Air Diving) is a relatively new to Sports Diving over the last ten years has become more popular with Manufacturers now making Nitrox compatible equipment and diving centres able to offer Nitrox fills it offers benefits to clubs where the majority of diving is in the 20-35 metre range. Since 2007 BSAC as part of its core training now includes Nitrox Triaining in their Ocean Diver (PADI Advanced Open Water Equivalent) and Sports Diver (PADI Rescue Diver Equivalent) courses.

The benefits of Nitrox are two fold, one reduce the amount of nitrogen in their bodies and reduce the risk of Decompression Illness and feel more energized at the end of a dive ie. climbing back into the boat and driving home from the West Coast! second you can increase your bottom time (Ie spend more time on a favourite wreck such as the Hispania in the Sound of Mull) and reduce surface intervals so for trips to dive sites on the West Coast Scotland that take 3-4 hours to drive to, such as the Port Napier (Skye) or Lochcarron Narrows so we can get back home sooner.

Roll on Easter looking forward to diving the Garvellachs to the South of Oban this weekend