Ski Sunday at Glenshee 5th February 2012

Following poor weather on Saturday (when we prefer to ski) linked with a dodgy ear which caused me to dip out of Sunday diving with Chris, late plans were hatched for a Sunday ski.
Because of the last minute adoption of Plan B other club sliders were unable to join Bethan & I as we headed for the slopes early on Sunday morning while enjoying a spectacular sunrise.
After a quick stop to hire some kit & pick up lift passes we hit the slopes around 0930 & headed up Sunnyside to warm up for the day. Soon we were off further taking the lifts across towards Meall Odhar & Corrie Fionn.
I was experiencing some control issues which enabled me to get a really close up view and feel for the great snow conditions we enjoyed throughout the day! Following difficulties with reconnecting one of my boots with the bindings of one ski on a steep part of the piste I tried a Nordic snowplough technique to re-join my buddy who was waiting patiently by the next lift where the errant binding was duly re-connected by a joint effort!
We followed this with some lovely runs in these impressive glens to the east of the road, with slightly fewer stops to admire the snow before heading back across to the main café by the road where we got a power boost from their bespoke cheeseburgers!
Tightening up my hire boots worked wonders and we began to increase our pace as we attacked the slopes of the Cairnwell & Butcharts Corrie enjoying some beautiful sweeping runs in glorious Alpine conditions.
A couple of incidents added some more spice to the afternoon.
While leaving the top of the Cairnwell T-bar I caught an inside edge & promptly did the splits! Bethan noted the horrified look on the faces of the 2 young demon downhill ski racers following us but by some quirk of good luck disaster was averted!
On one of several runs around Butcharts we came upon some ramps and jumps set up for the more adventurous snowboarders. We swished past them at a fair pace, then suddenly I watched as Bethan swept up towards a brow after which she disappeared over the top followed by a high pitched “…aghhh…”
It was too late for me to stop & I followed over the edge of what was clearly meant to be a jump with a sharp drop off, exclaiming “…Oh Shhh*******…” as I quickly remembered the bit about leaning forward & bending zee knees from Austrian ski school last century!
We both made it over without falling and after such a sharp adrenalin rush felt a need for a piece of cake and another drink!
We rounded off the day by heading back across to Meall Odhar again, successfully tackling a red run which had unseated us both on the last ski trip back in January, then finally headed back to the car after a really fab day, both too tired to make the après ski pub but grinning from ear to ear!!