Perth BSAC Easter Weekend Trip to Oban and the Slate Islands

Perth BSAC Easter Trip to Oban and Isle of Seil

What a great start to the dive season, with over 10 divers out in three boats, on the Saturday we took a short trip to the south of Kerrera Sound to do a cliff, early on in the Season we were not expecting to seem any fish but the visability was good around 10metres  and there were  plenty of colourful invertebrates to see including a Sea Lemon,  Cup corals and Dahlia anemones.

The my Second Dive was with Just across from Puffin Divers unfortuatley this bay had been heavily worked and most of the Scallop bed looked liked ploughed field there were a few Small Sea pens and a I caught a glimpse of  to be sean and after 20 minutes or so we found a reef where the Trawlers could not get into where there was some interesting life including what I think is a Long-spined Sea Scorpion and swirls of Nubibranch and a ball of Sea Snail eggs laid on the reef.

On the Saturday night, the rain stayed off we had a BBQ and drinks at the local caravan site.  On the Sunday morning we woke to a beautiful day Spike Tony, Lynda and I decided to head south and launch from the Isle of Seil.   The first dive of the day was a successful scallop bash and each of us after 30 minutes had filled our dive bags, once we had completed this mission after a brief lunch Tony and I did a gentle drift dive which I really enjoyed.   After this successful day we headed to the “House of Trousers Inn” for a quick pint outside and for a final treat we spotted a female Hen Harrier looking for prey.