Perth BSAC Dive Slate

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3rd Dec 2015 A-frames, Loch Long


15th March 2015 Cnap Point, Loch Long

12th October Sunday shore diving, Loch Leven

21st September The Slates, Loch Leven

30th August Advanced Lifesaver SDC, Loch Long

24th August, Bell Rock. Hard boat

23-24th August, Open water CCR training

2-4rd August  Summer Isles. Summer Expedition

9 August  BSAC South Scotland DTP Loch Fyne –

26th  July Diver Coxswain Assessment, Aberdeen.

19-20th July  North Skye Weekend

17th July Wednesday evening dive off the Mako, Anstruther. – SL

12th July South Scotland Regional DTP, Loch Fyne

5th – 6th July, Cumbrae AIC/AIE event

Sunday shore diving, Loch Fyne, 22nd June

Wednesday evening dive at Fifeness, 18th June

June DTP, Loch Fyne, 14th June

RHIB dive and training out of Puffin, 8th June

Two wrecks in Loch Leven, 4th May

Sunday diving the Caves, 16th March

DTP Loch Fyne, 8th March

Shore diving at Kentallan Pier, 2nd March 2014

Shore diving at Ballachulish, 23rd February 2014

DTP Loch Fyne, 8th February

DTP Loch Fyne, 18th January

Chartwork and Position fixing, W/E 11th January

End of season celebrations in Oban, W/E 28th December

Storms and a dry day, Sunday 14th December

Dolphins at Insh Island, Sunday 6th October

Loch Long, Conger Alley, Sunday 28th July

Campsie Linn, Wednesday 24th July

Charna in Loch Etive and Queenie Reef , Saturday 20th July

Kentallen Pier and Linnhe Picnic site, Sunday 14th July

Loch Fyne, Regional Diver Training Program, Saturday 13th July

Lewis summer expedition departs, Friday 12th July

Wednesday evening at the Isle of May, 26th June

scorpion fish

Afternoon Tea and Salmon, 2nd June

Scapa Flow, 18th – 24th May

Spare Rhibs from Oban, 5th May

Loch Fyne, BSAC Buoyancy and Trim Workshop, 27th April

Loch Fyne, BSAC Diver Training Program, 9th March

The Slates , Loch Leven , 2nd March

Loch Fyne, BSAC Diver Training Program, 9th February

MV Charna, Loch Etive. 2nd February

Doris pseudoargus
Doris pseudoargus

The Tearooms, Loch Fyne, 8nd December

Shuna and Melfort, 2nd December

Loch Long, 21st November

The Slates, Loch Leven, 18th November

BSAC Southern Scotland Regional Diver Training Program at Loch Fyne, 10th November

Easdale, 4th November

Stallion Rock and Minard Islands, 21st October

BSAC Southern Scotland Regional Diver Training Program at Loch Fyne, 13th October

Red Sea, 21st September

BSAC AED SDC, 9th September

Regional Training, Loch Fyne 8th September

Small Isles, 24th-27th August

Farne Islands, 19th August

Summer Isles Weekend, 11th August

Blae Rock on Wednesday evening, 8th August

Rebel Alliance trip to Harris, 29th July – 1st August

BSAC ADP SDC, Aberdeen 28-29th July

Thrills and Drills, Oban. Sunday 22nd July

UC-41 and MHT Sophron, Tay Estuary, Sunday 15th July

BSAC South Scotland Regional Training, Loch Fyne, Saturday 14th July

BSAC DSC Lifesaver award, Lossiemouth, Saturday 7th July

Training day, completion of OD drills, Loch Fyne Tea Rooms, Sunday 24th June

Loch Long, The Caves, A-frames and Loch Earn, Sunday 17th June

Saturday 9th June, O2 administration SDC

Isle of May, Sunday 3rd June

Loch Fyne, Tea Rooms, Sunday 27th May

Loch Leven, Manse Point and the River Etive, Sunday 20th May

Loch Fyne with Fyne Divers and the Orchy pools, Saturday 12th May

Loch Creran and Bonawe Quarry, Sunday 29th April

Training and fun on the Lorn, Sunday 22nd April

Easter at Oban, 6-9th April

A quick dip in Loch Sunart, Sunday, March 25th

Salen , Sound of Mull Wrecks and Walls, Friday 16th – 19th March

BSAC SDC, BTW Sunday 11th March

South Scotland Regions training, Loch Fyne Saturday 10th March

Shore diving, The Slates at Ballachulish Sunday 4th March

Shore diving, Loch Linnhe and Loch Leven Sunday 26th February

Training day to Loch Fyne on Sunday 19th February

Various trips on Sunday 29th January

Tea Rooms, Loch Fyne, 14th January 2011

Loch Leven, Cemetery site 2, 8th January 2011

Happy New Year
Skiing at Glenshee, 7th January. Social event

One last fling for 2011, Dogfish Reef, Loch Fyne, 30th December: Shore Dive

Chili dip and Salsa, The Slates, Loch Leven, 18th December: Shore Dive

Regional Training, Loch Fyne, 10th December: Shore Dive

Kerrera Sound 4th December. RHIB

Loch Creran, the Steps 27th November. Shore dive

Kentallan and The Slates 19th November. Shore dive

St Abbs Tiger Lilly. 30th October. Hard boat dive

Sea loch anenomies

Sheltered water training Puffin dive center. 23rd October. Shore dive

West Coast Lochs The Caves and The Bistro. 16th October. Shore dive

Boat Handling course Broughty Ferry. 8-9th October. Club RHIB

The SS Breda, Oban, 2nd October: Club RHIB

The River Garry, Dunbar, 25th September: Club RHIB

The Slates, 18th September: Shore Dive

Bonawe Quarry, Loch Etive and the Telephone Exchange, Loch Linnhe, 4th September: Shore Dive

BSAC South Scotland Regional Training, Practical Rescue Management, Hawes Inn, 4th September: Training

The Lochs, 28th August: Shore Dive

Somali and Farne Isles, Northumberland, 21st August: Hard Boat Dive

Regional Training, Loch Fyne, 13th August: Shore Dive

Scourie, 29th July: Weekend, Club RHIB Dive

Loch Leven and River Orchy, 24th July: Shore Dive

BSAC South Scotland Regional Training, Tea Rooms, Loch Fyne, 9th July: Shore dive

St Abbs, 3rd July: Hard boat

Egg mass

Fifeness, Bar-b-que and diver training, 29th June: Shore dive

Oban, Inch Island, 26th June: RHIB dive

Errol Gala day, 25th June: Club Social and fund raiser

Elie, Evening Dive and Bar-b-que, 15th June: Shore dive

Isle of May, 12th June: Club RHIB, Sunday dive

Loch Fyne, Tea Rooms, 11th June: South Scotland Regional Training, Shore dive

Polycera quadrilineata

Lismore Light, Oban area: 5th June: Boat dive.

North Uist, 27th May – 3rd June: Summer Trip


Stallion rock and Eilean Aoghainn, Loch Fyne, 15th May: Boat Dive

Cardinal reef and Ard na Cuille, Oban, 8th May: Boat Dive

Loch Leven, Loch Linnhe, The Slates and Kintallen, 8th May: Shore Dive

Loch Linnhe, Kintallen and Shuna Layby, 1st May: Shore Dive

Club social, Archery evening, 27th April

Easter at Oban, 23-25th April: Boat Dive.

BSAC Northern Region diving, Loch Duich, 17th April: Shore Diving.

Lismore and Shuna Island, Loch Linnhe, 10th April: Boat Dive.

Heather Island, Sound of Kerrera, Oban. 3rd April: Boat Dive.

Isle of May, Firth of Forth, 27th March: Club RHIB Dive.

Gallanach Bay, Puffin, Oban, 20th March: Boat Dive.

Gallanachmore Bay, Puffin, Oban, 13th March: Shore Dive.

Insh Island, Sound of Insh, Easdale, 6th March: Boat Dive.

Furnace and the Bistro, Loch Fyne, 27th February: Shore dive.

Hamish caught in a flash
the light, move away from the light !

Visit to a hyperbaric chamber , Millport 26th February a perfect profile and discusson: dry dive

SE tip of Maiden Isle and NW Kerrera, Oban, 20th February: Boat dive.

Loch Leven, Cemetery wreck and Slates, 13th February: Shore dive.

Burrowing anenomies

South Scotland Regional Training at Loch Fyne Tea Rooms, 12th February

SW of Kerrera, Oban, 7th February: Boat dive.

Dogfish Reef, Furnace, Loch Fyne, 30th January: Shore dive.

Male Cuckoo Wrasse Isle of Skye

Bonawe Quarry, 16th January: Shore dive.

Tea Rooms, 15th January: South Scotland Regional training, Shore dive

Kintallen Wall, Argyll, 19th December: Shore dive.

The Bistro, Loch Fyne 14th November: Shore dive.

Port Napier 10th October: Club boat dive:

Bach Island, Kerrera, Oban: 2nd October: Boat dive.

The Picknick site, Loch Linnhe 22nd September: Shore dive

Lismore Lighthouse, Sound of Mull: 17th September: Boat dive.

Loch Creran: 12th September: Shore dive.

Kintallen Pier: 5th September: Shore dive.

Catterline and Tod Head: 29th August: Club boat dive.

About other thing we have been asked to do Moorings and fouled props

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