Caolasnacon, 27th April 2014

After ascertaining that the weather was far too nice to spend my Sunday plumbing, I sent out emergency texts to potential diving buddies. One of the amazing things about the club is that there is always someone to dive with, and it was Hamish that saved me from having to do DIY.

My original thought was Kintellen, but a bit of internet searching revealed a new site just a few short miles down the road, which naturally Hamish was all for.  The back up plan was Kintellen followed by the picnic site, but when we made it to Caolasnacan, the site looked good.  We checked in with the lady at reception, and she said that they’d had divers in the weekend previous.  Another 4 divers turned up while we were there, and they were regulars at the dive site who also had caravans at the dive site.  They were also to confirm that the site was as described on finstrokes, so we kitted up ready to get in!

The dive site

The wall is a short swim from the entry point, but (after a slight detour) we found it with no difficulty.  It starts at 6m, which the deepest point being about 25m (where there are swimthroughs).  However, we didn’t trouble these depths and stuck to less than 15m.  It might not have been deep (although it was dark), but the dive was absolutely stunning!  The walls were covered in sea loch anemones and peacock worms.  We also spotted a shy pollock, although there wasn’t that much fish life.  It was a cracking dive, and we were both disappointed to turn round at the appointed 15 minute mark.


Sea loch anemones

The climb back up to the car was a bit punishing – and once there, we decided the dive was so good, we’d do it a second time in the afternoon. So we could have left the tanks down by the water’s edge…

I’d clearly put enough pennies in the weather machine, because the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm if you kept out of the wind.  Plus the view was absolutely stunning.

Surface interval  Surface interval.

For the second dive of the day, we kept a bit shallower, and it was just as enjoyable.  This time we settled on a dive plan of 40 minutes, so we made it to an amazing wall after about the 15 minute mark (plus practise made perfect – we managed to find the start of the wall in 3 minutes flat).  Obviously, with our plan of 15 metres max, we didn’t bother the bottom, but the wall was stunning.  Once again, the 20 minute turn around point came too quickly.  The tide had picked up a bit, but the bay was nice and sheltered – although it did mean that a lot of silt was kicked up if you touched the ground.  Unfortunately, there were 2 novice divers in the other group, but we were in quite a while before them so we only encountered them towards the end of the dive.

My legs just about made it up the slope back to the car – although they let me know that they weren’t particularly happy about it – and it was time for the stunning drive back across the rannoch moor.

Entry point - my poor legs weren't a huge fan of this one!
Entry/exit point – my poor legs weren’t a huge fan of this one!

A lovely dive, with great company.