Perth BSAC Christmas Dive and Social Dec 28th & 29th 2013

With the weather in December being typically unpredictable, it was decided to chance our luck and try a spot of diving near Oban… If diving was called off we could enjoy the Spa at the Oban Bay Hotel, although I’m not sure if they allow drysuits and Scuba kit in the hot tub?

With the Winds calming at Saturday Lunch time we headed off to the Southern Tip of Kerrera for a muck dive, the vis was about 3-4 metres with lots of sediment in the water so at 20 metres it was like a night dive, but expected with the volume of water running off the hills and the constant westerly storms coming off the Atlantic. Meanwhile the girls headed off to the Hotel to check in and have lunch at a cafe / Bistro in Oban for a more relaxed Saturday afternoon, Spike had organised the Taj Mahal Restaurant for the evening meal which was enjoyable and we had a good time before heading back to the Oban Bay Hotel for a night cap.

Not wanting to appear too keen we agreed to a 10am start at Puffin on the Sunday morning, the sea had been flat calm over night and we even had the sun out so we decided to head to Aird na Cuile for a Wall Dive. Diving Aird na Cuile I noticed not as many fish compared to when visited it earlier in the year and spotted a Juvenile Atlantic Cod hiding behind a Football Sea Squirt and one or two Leopard spotted Gobi’s amongst the rocks. I also noticed how exposed this wall is as you can see many shell marks on the rocks from Mollusc’s which have been battered and smashed off by the Atlantic storms that sweep in from the South West. That in mind with the Sun still out we were aware of the weather window closing again as another storm was due to hit the west coast around 3-4pm that Afternoon so headed back to Puffin happy that we had managed to sneak in another couple of dives before the end of 2013!

Thanks to Spike for organising the diving and Steve for sorting out the accommodation, also to David and Spike for bringing their boats and also to our partners who put up with us disappearing off to the sea in search of  …… (fill in as appropriate)

Congratulations to Kim and Euan two of our club members who got engaged on the Sunday, who says diving isn’t romantic 🙂