Loch Linnhe Shore Diving – Kentallen Reef and Picnic Site near the Corran Narrows, Sunday 14th July

Four Perth BSAC Members, Four Dogs and Two Cars packed with kit met at the Holly Tree Hotel for a Latte’s and Cake.  We kitted up and heading on a bearing of 330 Degrees from the end of the harbour wall we covered a 100+ metre swim over sand and gravel to find the Kentallen Reef, which when we came across it looked like a stone wall running across the Sea Bed it then undulates for 20 or so metres before dropping off to ~30 metres depth, covered with Peacock Worms, Sea Squirts and Sea Loch Anemones.

The Second dive we decided to head North a few miles north of the Corran Narrows – to the Picnic Site a good place to Exercise the dogs, we entered the water from the North then with the gentle slope dropped down to about 25 metres depth covered in a bed of Brittle Stars , we worked our way south spotting a Dog Fish and Common Welks before moving into the shallows and moving onto reefs at about 12 metres depth with lots of Gobies, Crabs and Squat lobsters feeding on stranded Jellyfish making an interesting second dive.  Finally as the Sun came out we were  ready for a feast of Crisps and Plain Chocolate Digestives!