Mako at the Isle of May, 26th June 2013

Mid summer and a Wednesday evening dive at the Isle of May sounded a good idea so Steve booked the Mako departing Pittenweem 06:30pm for one dive at the Isle of May. It all seemed rather easy really, all we had to do was turn up and a full compliment during arrived at Pittenweem old harbor in glorious sunshine .

With the equipment loaded, the short trip out to May Island passed very quickly and we had little time to catch up and chat.
Aboard the Mako

As we arrive off the Altarrstone jetty we kitted up and were ready to jump off the tail lift and descend in good if somewhat green water.
feeding urchin

Rummaging around the boulders most of us quickly came across the plates of the Anlaby and followed them down past numerous large Ballan wrasse to the keel plate. Here we had a great encounter with a seal that literally swam past the fins of Steve and Colin who wee distracted elsewhere catching only a glimpse of how close they had got. Continuing down we found the drive shaft, prop and rudder. This takes a little working out and it’s not until you realize that the wreck is on it’s side that you ‘see’ the rudder. In consideration of contents gauge Kim and Chris then worked their way back up the plates and wrasse to the boulders, other managed to bag a few crabs and scallops before surfacing.

spawning starfish

We came across this starfish in the process of spawning.

The various pairs were picked up as they surfaced, some teams enjoying a full sixty minutes of underwater fun, which for an evening dive is not at all bad. Once on board, Sue thrust a mug of something hot into our hands though it was that warm today that it wasn’t necessary, it was however very enjoyable. With all divers retrieved, the gear packed and stowed we headed back for Pittenweem to unload the boat.

Those that didn’t have to race back home enjoyed a leisurely fish supper at Anstruther watching the sun set over the harbor wall. Many thanks to Steve the skipper for taking us out and our Steve for organising another successful trip.