Advanced Decompression Procedures , the ADP SDC. 22nd and 23rd June

Bright and early on Saturday morning Steve, Paul and Chris travelled up to Aberdeen to participate in a BSAC Advanced Decompression Procedures course run by Malcolm Gauld from the Northern Region coaching staff. This course provides the theory and practical experience to use hiugh concentration ppO2 to accelerate decompression stops enabling safer decompression which when planned into a dive profile extends the range of recreational diving. This is not a technical diving course, it is rather just an extension of the used of nitrox.

Having completed a series of theory lectures on the physics, physiology and equipment configuration necessary to understand and support advance decompression procedures we moved from the lecture rooms in Aberdeen to Boddam Quarry near Peterhead for an equipment check. With 10 students to teach Malcolm split the group into three, giving Paul and Chris a chance put their instructor skills to good use.

The first dive is literally a checkout dive, a chance to try out a new configuration and then demonstrate that carrying a stage cylinder has not affected your buoyancy and trim and that you can still access all your valves and diving paraphernalia, simple things like reaching your suit inlet and autodumps, your delayed surface marker buoy, BCD dump valves and knife which can get obstructed when carrying a side slung cylinder. Boddam Quarry is a fresh water site which gave an added dimension to the weight change calculations as well as having to consider the cylinder, which this first dive also gave the opportunity to correct. A lot of people git this wrong initially which made holding stops a ‘Yoyo’ experience. We practiced a few basic drills that all divers strive to master, hovering with neutral buoyancy while task loading and DSMB deployment while maintaining a stop. A good session! At the end of the day most student took away a few thoughts, mostly about being over weighted and how to improve their kit configuration.

Homework ! Yes there was homework, a challenge to plan a 30 min dive to 39 m using 27% EAN and 50% EAN for decompression. A little run time and gas management exercise.

Sunday saw us commuting up the road again to Boddam Quarry where surprisingly we were not the last to arrive! Dive 2, was a re-run of the previous days exercise, this time with better weighting and it was rewarding to see much more accuracy in observance of stops. After a dive debrief there was just enough time to go over the dive planning exercise that had been set as homework and have lunch before it was time to get back in the water for the last dive where students got the opportunity to put all the skills they had practiced together in a simulated decompression dive. Happy to report that everyone achieve the required standards and all that was left was to have a short exploratory dive of the quarry, sign off the SDC and log books and make the long journey home.

Many thanks a due to Malcolm who volunteered his time to run the course. It is people like him that make BSAC such a good club to be a part of, hopefully Perth-BSAC will now be able to deliver this training to it’s club members and other from the South Scotland Region. It was a pleasure to meet some old friend on this course and of course make some new ones, I’m sure we will bump into some of them again.