Hard Boat Diving at St Abbs – Black Carrs and Skells

After looking at various options for diving this weekend and with winds predominately from the South West, St Abbs looked like a good bet for calm waters. Steve had organised a dive trip with the hard boat Tiger Lilly for the Six of us. We were the 2nd wave that morning the first trip had mentioned that the visibility was poor and similar reports from the other boats so we decided to dive the Black Carrs.

Steve and I buddied up with our cameras and dropped down to 15 metres depth where the vis was about 2 metres the rocks were covered in Brittle Stars and there were plenty of different coloured anemones, as we dropped to 22 metres we found several reefs with walls of Deadmans Fingers after 40 minutes headed back up to the surface, Chris and Gary were lucky enough to see a Wolf Fish which are common in this area.

After lunch we headed further around St Abbs Head past the Light House and Fog Horn and with Slack approaching the Skipper dropped us in at the Skells which are Three narrow gulleys that drop down to 22 metres the Vis was slightly better about 3 metres.

I managed to take a few photos this time with a 60mm Macro lens, there was still a swell to deal with, whilst doing close up photos which added to the challenge. I’m starting to get to grips with using the Nikon D7000 underwater.

On the surface I managed to get a few shots of the St Abbs Lighthouse and the Fog horn which in the was switched off in 1987 and the Lighthouse automated in 1993. I used to remember the Fog horn in the 70’s it’s deep noise resonating across the bay when the Haar (sea mist) covered the Forth and the North Sea.

We headed over to the Coffee Shop and fortunately there wasn’t a Victoria sponge shortage so all Happy 🙂