BSAC AED SDC, Sunday 9th September

On Sunday, Fyne Divers ran a BSAC Automated External Defibrillator course as a train the trainers event for divers and a very good course it was to.

Currently there are now three BSAC registered AED trainers in Scotland. From the course perspective there were four very good theory lectures covering physiology, equipment and legal issues and I got a chance to update and practice my CPR skills as well as handling and using a training AED module on a real live diving manikin.

What was my opinion ? Well the course was good fun and informative and I’d certainly do it again. Without question these units save lives but the practicality of using one in a real diving emergency has me struggling a bit. That said, the same arguments were made (by you? – ed) when O2 admin kits and computers first became available to divers.

So if we can get a training unit this is now another course we can run inhouse should anyone be interested. (talk to the TO -ed)