Shore Diving at Eyemouth Green Ends Gully 2nd September 2012

With Spring tides and sunny weather forecast (gentle south westerly winds)  I thought it would be a good chance to dive some of the best shore diving in the UK,  Eyemouth 30 years ago was a busy fishing port with many boats and several Fish Markets a week, Landing Lemon Sole, Herring, Lobsters and Edible Crabs. Now there are a few fishing boats in the Harbour and next to the Old Customs House a Yacht Marina and New Harbour Building which has the Aquastars Dive Centre with friendly and welcoming team that will give you advice on the local dive sites as well as Air fills.    With Low water at 10:30am we decided to have a late start and start diving at 12pm as the entry and exit points for the Green Ends Gully are best 4 hours either side of high tide, otherwise you have to Scramble into and out of the Water not much fun…

The first dive we did was to follow the concrete walkway to where the Sewage pipe ends (disused I hasten to add)  dropping into the water we dropped into the Kelp if you look closely there is a swim through under the Kelp which takes you down to about 8 metres ideal to test your buoyancy perhaps do a few Fin Pivots, there were lots of Lobsters in the Gully and as we headed along came across three or so creels that had been lost and then dropped into the deepest part of the dive about 14.5 metres depth before rising up to 11 metres on a slope of small pebbles smoothed by the action of the sea.  We headed out along the right wall for about 15 metres but stopped as a strong spring current swept round the edge of the rock and with a visibility of about 4-5 metres I didn’t want to get lost! so we started to move slowly back around to the other side of the Gully and when you slow down and look closely you start to spot lots of interesting things including several different Sea Long Spined Scorpions a, Prawns and Butterfish as well as brightly coloured Elegant Anemones, an excellent dive!

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After Lunch and with the water approaching high tide this made the first gully easy to access just at the top of the concrete Walk way, this Gully is Narrower than the first and has an impressive overhang dropping to 11-12 metres deep. Fed and I decided with slack approaching we could be a bit more adventurous heading out around one of the Reefs which were covered in a carpet of dead mans fingers we had to watch for a current still running between the rocks here but managed to pop over the reef into shelter and calmer waters. Another excellent dive with lots to see.

My thanks to Steve, Mo and Fred to an Enjoyable days diving and to Tara and the Scotties for being Shore Cover and lookign after the car keys.

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