St Abbs, Sunday July 1st

We had a trip to St Abbs on Sunday, 11 divers, this included a guest from Fife and in the afternoon a visitor from Cornwall. the weather was occasionally dull with spots of rain and then brilliant sunshine, there was a slight swell which was not too bad. The first dive at Black Carr was really good with 7-8m viz. Lots of life abounding, rocks covered in “Dead mans’ fingers,” crabs, the wrasse following you about. The second dive brought more life and for some, an octopus showed itself at the base of the rock. Another good dive. Thanks to Steve for organising this trip and a big thank you to the skipper of Stingray for taking us out and bringing us back. enjoyed the cup of tea and biccy afterwards but especially getting back on board via the lift. (Loved that bit!)