Flat Earth Society visit Bell Rock, Sunday 17th June

As excitement increases for the planned trip to the Bell Rock on Sunday it’s time to put some details up.

Currently high winds tomorrow but dropping on Saturday.

Winds are backing Northerly or NNE which is not good as this will bring a considerable swell with it. However the wind drops on Sunday , shears either SE or W in the afternoon depending on which forecast you read !!!!). Based on the surf report that leaves waves that decrease in size from ca 2.5m on Friday to 0.7m on Sunday, which from a divers point of view is quite a chop.

Weather forecast

surfs forecast

Tides look good though as we are just coming off neaps
High Tide 01:42 (4.60m)
Low Tide 07:40 (1.60m)
High Tide 14:00 (4.50m)
Low Tide 19:54 (1.60m)

Tidal information

Daylight, yes just about as much as you can get at the moment.

BST Daylight hours for Arbroath on 17th June 2012
Sunrise 04:24
Sunset 21:57

So it’s all in the lap of the Gods, or rather the skipper if he decides to run the trip.

Plan B is a wreck up by Montrose

Plan C if the skipper decided not to take us out is the Kintallen Wall site on Loch Linnhe, run as a shore dive.

Unfortunately this trip was cancelled due to the sea state. Oh well maybe next year !

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