O2 administration course 9th June 2012

A massive thank you goes to Dundee Sub Aqua Club for hosting the BSAC O2 Administration SDC this Saturday. We were very lucky to get invited along and were able to assist in the guise of our resident HeartStart professional Maureen who led the practical resuscitation session.

The sessions held in the Tower building of Dundee University were lively, challenging and good fun was had by all. We also got the opportunity to foster closer relationships with one of our neighboring BSAC clubs. These sessions as initial training and as a refresher are vital to our dive preparation. If you haven’t done one recently you should ! Some amongst us also took the opportunity to get a few Dive Leader theory lessons signed off!

Happy to report that Liz, Kim, Colin, Steve, Fred and Chris all passed the exam at the end.

Many thanks to the Dundee SAC Instructors Graham, Wendy and Dave and our very own Maureen.