Loch Fyne Tea Rooms 27th May 2012

A day spent in sheltered water for training purposes was well attended with 8 divers arriving at the Loch Fyne tea Rooms. Having seen the sun tan that one of the party now sports I can only imagine the fantastic weather that was enjoyed by all.

Notable achievements. First open water dive for Braigha and first post-retirement splash for Fred. Well done to you both.

I’ll put a full report here when the details come in.

Thanks go to Steve for organising both the trip and the training.

Sat 26th saw Chris diving at the Three Villages Community center at Arrochar again as part of the BSAC OWI PIE course. It was quite frustrating swimming out in exceptionally clear water to do a lesson and then stir up the bottom and spend the rest of the dive in less than a meters visibility. Still it is reported that a wreck of a small wooden fishing trawler resides here so I may venture back with a large cylinder and do some exploring.