Gas Blending course, 7th May 2012

“Beware the dark side” said Colin as we settled down in the luxurious classroom having tea brought to us by those jolly nice people at Puffin as a prelude to our DSAT Gas Blending course. An intro and smile from Mo and then a few lesson modules from Neal and … ‘the wee test’, all neatly audited and photocopied for posterity.

Mike then took over and and showed us round the compressor operations, very neat and tidy and clearly James, the compressor technician, was doing an excellent job. Finally the practical session which is what we had really come to do, alchemy, or rather how to mix Nitrox.

Admittedly the mixing panel made it rather easy but applying the principles learnt in the morning was really quite straight forward and although we were both a couple of percentage points off our target blends we were able to perform the necessary adjustments to bring them to spec. All in all a very informative and productive day resulting in the award to two gas blending certificates.