BSAC South Scotland Regional training, 10th March

Unfortunately this event was somewhat quieter than usual as two groups canceled at the last minute. Still you have to look on the bright side and it provided me with the opportunity to do the Buoyancy and Trim workshop planned for Sunday a day earlier. The tea rooms were however busy today, with a Group up from Bathgate and a guest appearance from an uber slick group from the Rebel Alliance. Fyne Pioneer turned up at lunchtime and decanted a boat load of divers, no doubt seeing some good business going to the cafe.

I’d like to report that I nailed the BTW first time ….. but I can’t, I was awful. Too mindful of being assessed for once perhaps (Ed – or maybe just bad at buoyancy control) (Ed – surely not!) Still that in itself is a learning experience to be put to good effect when instructing others in future. I picked up a few drills which I’ll be sharing later…..

As there were few attendees I had the chance to put the glut of instructors to good use and had a rerun during the afternoon session and got it second time round.

With plenty of time left we had a short break, cup of tea and then went back in for a pleasure dive on the inner reef where we came across an enormous conger unfortunately with a hook in it’s mouth but thankfully not trailing any line. Loads of large crabs today and hundreds of common shrimp and some impressive bootlace worms.

No photos today