BSAC SDC BTW day at Loch Fyne 11th March 2012

As there are no other reports coming in I’ve had to make something up about the BSAC SDC that I attended this Sunday.

Todays report is a bit bland I’m afraid as there were only a handful of people who turned up as a significant number had canceled at the last minute. So with just two guys up from Edinburgh University club to do training we had a instructors mooching around looking for anyone to teach. Made for a sociable day and some good chat though.

I was asked to take one guy in for a re-familiarization after a long layoff which after checking basic skills turned into a short pleasure dive. Miko as it tuned out was a natural and as a keen swimmer had no problems though I think our first find of the day, the Scubagnome was perhaps a surprise. This was the errant gnome that Maureen and I had failed to find in January when it was placed there by a photographic artist as part of a project. Located as it is it does add a little excitement on the lest interesting part of the reef. It was interesting that the tide was having an effect on the inner reef today as we finned against it to get out to the point and then drifting back the way we came.

On our return Miko spotted a truly large lobster and while we tried to encourage it to come out and play it was having none of it, running back into the depths of the block reef.

With soup for lunch in the cafe we all warmed up, did I mention that Miko was a wetsuit diver…. brave man indeed!

The afternoon dive was to be in the same pairings so I opted for a short clockwise circuit of the reef. Not much to report except a good show of sealoch anenomes on the large boulders, a couple of good sized saithe and numerous shrimps with their electric blue flashes along their carapaces.

Always good to support the BSAC regional events and today I had two enjoyable dives as well.