Creagan Inn, Sunday 5th February 2012

Creagan Inn dive Postponed as illness and accident has taken its toll on the team. Award for the best excuse goes to “I have to be on a BA flight early on Monday morning”,

I intend to rerun this trip as the site is ideal for training and is just a little different from what we usually do. Paul suggested we combine this with a trip to the otter sanctuary which is a great idea.

Dive one Creagan Inn. This is a very colorful dive, quite shallow but very interesting and not as dark as the inner lochs. Ample parking and easy access.

The second dive will either be a repeat of dive one or perhaps something different. There are options for the drift under the bridge for the adventurous or a return to the 13 Steps site in inner Loch Creran which is also the contingency site if the weather plays up.

This is an ideal site for a check out dive or to practice some training drills. If anyone wants to get a skills assessed please let me know before the trip. Of course you can just come along for a fun dive too!

The Creagan Inn has recently reopened and is reputed to serve excellent lunches. I’ve been in touch with Liz Crichton and lunch is looking good !

Tides and weather forecast here, these will become more accurate near the dates

Tide and weather forecast here possibly some snow !

(Note: this is a seven day prediction!)

found this on Finstrokes. The ballad of Scuba Joe. Good one Jane

and thanks to Hamish for the link to Fenton’s exploits