Loch Fyne Saturday

Thanks to Chris I had a really good time. The bacon buttie and pot of tea to start with just hit the spot. the lunch time soup was as I had envisioned it and the chocolate cake at the end just finished the day off. OH! You want to know about the diving? Well that was really good too. Chris has described most of the sea life and the conger eel was the final nice thing. That gnome just did not want found by us I think. David , the photographer has it for a project he is doing with regards to gnomes in different parts of the world. Anyway good day on Saturday, I shall go back again. It is a good way of getting some drills done also, there was one chap learning how to use a dry suit, one was doing his dive marshaling, all under expert supervision. It was nice to meet different people all with the same passion – diving. Thanks to Chris for helping me with getting over the rocks into the water, fitting fins and generally caring for me.