BSAC Scotland South Regional training 14th January 2012

Maureen and Chris represented Perth-BSAC at the first BSAC South Scotland regional training session of the year at the Loch Fyne tea rooms at a very well attended event today.

Loch Fyne was flat calm and the weather was pleasantly mild. Conditions looked promising for diving.

Today we took the opportunity to have a check out dive for Maureen who hadn’t been in the water for a few months and we opted for a clockwise circuit of the reef. To add spice we had been asked to take some pictures of a gnome for a piece of work being done by a photographer. Unfortunately we didn’t find it, still it was fun looking. There were lots of big fish today, Ballan wrasse, Cuckoo wrasse, pollack , dogfish and a conger that seemed quite happy to come out of its lair to investigate us. Large spiny starfish and bootlace worms were in abundance today but the sea squirts were looking tired.

The house vegetable soup for lunch was excellent and a pleasant couple of hours surface interval was spent chatting.

The afternoon dive was another attempt to photograph the gnome that had been placed at the tip of the reef. Again we couldn’t find it, beaten to it this time by the retrieval party. We did however see many more of the large fish that were in residence today. For variation this time we opted to take a bearing back to the car park lawn from the reef and our navigation was spot on, exiting at the metal walkway. (Note: you need to be careful here as the walkway has some sharp rusty bits about it that can do serious damage to suit and skin!)

To reward ourselves we finished the day with an enormous slab of chocolate cake, a suitable end to a good day.

The illusive gnome was eventually photographed