Perth-BSAC skiing at Glenshee 7th January 2012

Many thanks to Bethan our resident ski instructor for this report from a social event.

I know it’s not diving, but Steve and I had a trip to Glenshee on Saturday, and we thought that we’d type up something to put on the website.  I’ve also attached a few pictures that we took on the day…

To cement the formation of the new skiing sub group of the club, Steve and I seized the opportunity to have a day’s skiing.

Setting off bright and early, we reached Glenshee at about 9 in the morning.  To brush the cobwebs away after a year away from the slopes, we started on the green Sunnyside.  Made bold by our success, we ventured further out into the range, getting a few more runs under our belt.  However, disaster struck at the top of Coire Fionn, as it was very windy with a bit of snow – i.e. somewhat unpleasant.  We braved the red run instead, which turned out to be somewhat challenging – steep and icy!  However, we gave it our best, even if Steve had a somewhat dramatic fall on the way down (I had another one, somewhat less dramatic).  However, we made it down to the bottom unscathed, and retired to the cafe for a drink.

The afternoon brought a pass at the other side of the range, with some lovely runs down Buchart’s.  We went up the T-bar, breezing past the notice that the Bunny Run was made somewhat difficult by the wind – however, when we got to the top, we regretted that somewhat, as we had to battle the wind to get down the slope!

After another lovely run, we decided to call it a day as the light was starting to fade on us, and the wind was really starting to pick up.  The decision was made to stop in the pub for a bit of an apres-ski drink, but it took us 3 tries before we could find a pub that was open on 4.30 on a Saturday afternoon.  Eventually, we made our way to Kinnear’s in Scone, where there was a small crowd of other dedicated Saturday drinkers.

We had a cracking time, and are hoping to make it out onto the slopes for another day or two before the snow leaves us for another year.

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