St Abbs Sunday 30th October

The weather forecast did not look too good but Steve texted to say the trip was on. He duly turned up to pick me up at 7.30am and along with Bethan we set out for our trip to St Abbs. As we neared our destination the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, the sea looked calm – no white horses to see. St Abbs being sheltered by the cliffs was a haven of calm. The rest of the gang were there, Alan along with Sue, Sarah and Karen, Dave, Phoebe, Neil, Izzy, Gary, and us three makin 9 in all. Sadly our tenth one Kris was unable to come due to a cold. Our dive boat, Tiger Lily had alreeady been out with one wave of divers and we boarded for our first trip at 10.30 am. We kitted up on route and were dropped in at West Hucker, appart from a small problem with me getting down, thanks to Steve I managed with a pull from him we had a great time pottering about the gullies. We were followed by some Ballin wrasse one of which Steve swears is true, looked at him and then looked ata anearby urchin expecting him to breakit up and feed it. it was saddly disappoimted as we left the urchin to its own business. The wrasse followed us about like little dogs. There were also plumose anemones, jewel anemones, a sea squirt (I think) it was white and looked like a misshapen urchin with red stripes over it when I gently prodded it it was squidgy. The walls of dead mans fingers were also spectacular. Getting back on the boat was easy, just fin to the back, grab the rails and stand on the platform, with a whirr transported to the deck and a step off and a quick sit down on the bench and it was done! We were taken back to shore for our deco time of 2 hours and the sun came out for a while though there was a breeze which felt cool the air temperature was around 14 degrees. Picnics and hot meals at the Ebbcarr and then back to the boat . Weasel Loch with lots of nooks and crannies loads of lobsters and squat lobsters, Neil reported seeing an octopus. thanks to Steve for arranging this trip and for his help in transporting me and Bethan. A truely good day.

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