Thoughts on safety stops

We all plan our dives meticulously don’t we ?

It just occurred to me that safety stops ares something we should consider more rigorously, possibly as part of our pre-dive planning as I had an interesting situation last weekend when diving with Fred on the Somali. Not a safety issue just part of the learning experience.

We had both completed our dive following the dive plan and were ascending on the shot. We had cleared all decompression requirements and both computers were reading clear. Fred called a safety stop at 6m based on his Sunnto’s settings, mine however, an Aladin, is set to a safety stop at 3m. Both are adjustable.

Got me thinking, both while I was on the shot doing the stop and later.

The essence of a safety stop is just that, a precaution recommended by agencies and manufacturers to give you that Jesus factor and while it doesn’t matter at what depth you do it (above 6m) it is recommended that you do do it. So the outcome of the particular situation is that I did my stop with Fred and then ignored my computer when it’s alarm went off. It is worth noting that some of the older computers don’t have the safety stop capability.

Makes you think though, I’ll be adding the safety stop discussion to my dive planning from now on.

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