BSAC Southern Scotland Regional training 13th August

Once again I attended the monthly training event is some poor weather for August. Grey, overcast with occasional showers. This is why the Loch Fyne Tea rooms is such a superb training venue as you can have a blether over a cuppa, dive and then warm up again afterwards, as opposed to hanging around in a car park, shivering.

Today saw a good turn out and I was asked to take a novice diver in for a pleasure dive as a precursor to an O05 assessment. So having gone through the predive preparation and buddy checks (SEEDS and BARS) we spent 45 minute in reasonable vis on the inside reef. There was some excellent fish life to be seen today, wrasse, flounder and a large topknot but a complete lack of the usual shrimp and crabs. Full marks to Yingbo who enjoyed the dive and wasn’t shivering too much in her wetsuit as we exited.

For the afternoon dive I was the casualty for a D07 drill and was duelly lifted in a controlled buoyant ascent and then towed the prescribed distance while having EAR administered. Luckily I survived. Due to the rough conditions I was assisted from the water before being used as the O2 administration demonstration dummy. Although short this was quite an interesting dive in remarkably good vis. We spotted a brilliant white and red nudibranch in the kelp and then hundreds of swimming crabs buried in the mud with only their eyes protruding as we swam to the landing point. Dive over and debrief before heading home after another informative day.