Farne Islands 21st August 2011

The news from the front or at least Paul’s Parents place was warm weather, clear skies and no swell to be seen, almost unbelievable considering the grey overcast weather we were having in Perth, but true enough as we drove South the weather improved and the knotted hankies, rolled up trousers and a craving for fish’n’chip appeared as we arrived at Seahouses.

Arriving early gave us the chance to meet up and have a natter and move the kit to the winches in good time to load the boat for a 14:30 ropes off. We were on Glad Tidings VII today, one of the larger dive boats with a tail lift, absolute luxury, though the facilities below decks were basic.

The first dive of the day was the Somali, a slack water dive and today at low water, lying at 26m. The boat crew placed a shot which landed towards the stern and we all slid down it to accomplish various circuits of different lengths dependant on our air consumption. Fred and I did an out and back plan, finding twisted metal and a few friendly wrasse. Having seen some of the wreck we re-ascended the shot to be picked up by the boat, quickly followed by the appearance of various DSMB’s.

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All back on board we were supplied with tea or coffee and we steamed across to the Farne Islands, past Staple Island and under the Longstone light to spend a pleasant surface interval watching seals. Aware of the time we jumped in for the second dive on a set of gullies and landed in lobster city, clearly the benefit of not over fishing and a no-take policy. (Seahouses has a no landing policy). The dive drifted gently along life encrusted walls and sandy gullies where the seals came to investigate strange bubbling animals before gliding effortlessly off into the gloom. Superb.

All to quickly the dive ended and with all teams aboard we steamed back to the harbour before retiring to the Olde Ship Inn and a well earned pint after an excellent day

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Boat: William Sheils

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