BSAC South Scotland Tegional training day, Loch Fyne Tea Rooms. Saturday 9th July

The BSAC training day at the Loch Fyne Tea rooms was blessed with excellent weather and the bright sunshine really set the colours on the artificial reef giving another excellent dive. Loch Fyne was mirror calm as I passed Inverary and only a slight disturbance on the surface as I turned the corner into the Tea Rooms.

Very little was done in the way of drills today but everyone enjoyed some good diving with a good variety of life. A good sized lobster was found in the morning (returned berried!) and an even bigger one was found in the afternnon along with the biggest conger I have seen since I dived in Strangford Lough ! This monster’s picture has a sea urchin in it, for scale this was 2 inches across.

The vis was initially disappointing with a heavy bloom giving vis of less that 3m until we got below it where it improved to 7-8m. Interestingly today we were on neeps and as the tide turned at low water a good current was experienced at the point which probably explains why there is a scour trench there ! Never experienced it before though!

All in all a good day, a few pictures here.