Bar-b-que and paddle at Fifeness, 29th June 2011

A very good turn out last night, no doubt encouraged by the superb weather saw Neil’s semi commercial bar-b-que being put to good use on the beach at Fifeness.
When the weather is that good, and the tide is that far out , you don’t really need to go diving and members of the team resorted to paddles and rock pool searches. Three intrepid members attempted to walk to the Isle of May with scuba gear on but gave up and had a pootle instead along the reef.

Congratulation to Neil for successfully demonstrating a controlled buoyant lift as part of Ocean Diver practical OO4 under Pai Mei’s (that would be Steve) excellent tutelage.

We followed the reef out below the Coast Guard station and I’m happy to report some excellent viz with a fleeting appearance of a shoal of small herring, shimmering silver in the sun as they sheltered in the shallows no doubt hiding from the gannets that were providing an amazing display of diving skills just further out.

Thanks all for coming and let’s hope that this is the start of some real summer weather.