Wednesday evening dive and Bar-b-que at Elie, 15th June 2011

A warm breeze, bright sun, bar-b-que by the beach what more could you possibly ask for and with a good turn out from both diving and non-diver this Wednesday evening’s splash at Elie , that was organised by Steve was a success, with OD training and recreational dives being completed without incident.

Initial reports of 38m and 41.3m were however probably exaggerate thought I am prepared to accept the first was an error with the decimal point and the second referenced the distance off shore that one particular pair had to travel to reach the 4m mark at low tide.

Shallow east coast shore diving is not for the faint hearted generally there is a swell that stirs everything up creating low viz, but when you are lucky and we were lucky on Wednesday evening, you can get calm conditions and reasonable vis of over 3m+ !

The interest of diving always lies in what you see and shallow diving provides its own challenges as generally the life is small, hiding in the kelp or encrusted on small reef systems. The trick is to take time and look for it.

Star ascidian – Botryllus schlosseri moved with the swell attached to kelp stipes while Blue-rayed limpets were found on the fronds. A group of small, dull brown nudibranchs was also seen on a patch of barnacles.

That’s it, condensation in the camera housing today so no decent pictures, links above to internet images.