Sound of Kerrera, Oban 22nd May

Thanks to Steve for the following trip report.

Alan, Sue (at the helm ably assisted by Karen & Sarah), Izzi, Gary and I enjoyed the day at Puffin diving off Alan’s boat, ‘Am Fheoladaire’, despite being greeted by a boisterous westerly breeze which restricted our options to the Sound of Kerrera.

We dived off the small white light marking the Sgeirean Dubha reef near the south end of Kerrera in the morning, in 2-3m viz at around 12-15m with a variety of small critters lurking under the kelp – crabs, starfish, sea urchins & lots of tiny fish, amongst other things. One of the highlights of the morning was a family of seals playing around on the exposed rocky part of the reef with a good view from the boat, though they didn’t join us below the surface.

We headed back to the crew room at Puffin for lunch – not wishing to get our sandwiches soggy in the hefty showers blowing by between a few glimpses of the sun! The log powered stove was duly lit & we all warmed up before heading up past Heather Island to a rather spectacular wall off the NE side of Kerrera plunging down to just over 30m and crammed full of life including squat lobsters, lots of different crabs & some pretty ballan wrasse amongst the plant life, dead mens fingers etc. This was due north east of Heather and about 500m south of Ardentrive Bay (where the marina is). Vis around 4m as along as you kept clear of the bottom, with a few scallops collected from the sea bed just below the base of the wall.

We rounded off the day with tea & scones at the Green Welly in Tyndrum on the way home after another good day’s diving despite the weather!