Cardinal Reef and Ard na Cuille, Kerrera Sound. 8th May

Thanks to Steve for the following trip report from Sunday when he Joined Alan on his trip to Oban.

Had an excellent day on Sunday diving from Alan’s boat ‘Am Fheoladaire’ – Alan & I plus Izzy, Gary, Dave, Pheebe (Dave’s Neice from Edinburgh) with Tom Adams at the helm ably assisted by Dave’s grand daughter Ellie.

Almost flat calm in the morning with an excellent dive on the Cardinal Reef south of Dubh Sgeir (ie SW of Kerrera). Viz around 8-9m on a pretty reef with loads of life then followed a great wall down to 30m where we arrived at scallop city!

Picnicked on the Isle of Kerrera then headed back to the bay at Ard na Cuille since the promised SE wind had arrived so needed a bit of shelter for a leisurely 15-20m dive there.

I enjoyed the scallops with friends in Perth on Sunday evening – absolutely delicious!

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