Kerrera Sound, Oban, 20th March

Todays thank you go to Alan and Dave for arranging this Sunday’s splash which saw a relatively large team of 8 divers departing Puffin Dive centre just after 9 o’clock.

The days highlight for me was Neil’s first open water experience just off the shore in Gallanach Bay, South of Puffin. Neil coped admirably well, the weeks of pool training on Wednesday evenings having paid dividends and apart from a few issues with air migration within his suit, the dive was completed without incident. In fact we had a very interesting if rather cold dive, seeing a large and varied selection of life as we moved from a shelving shingle bottom onto the edge of a small boulder slope.

Neil on his first open water dive

Izzy and Alan went in close by at the point and reported good vis. Dave’s boat went off to slightly further down the sound to Aird na Cuile ably piloted by Sarah with Paul and Colin taking their cameras in while Gary and Dave enjoyed a scallop hunt. With the weather closing in and a few showers coming through we headed back to Puffin for lunch to take advantage of the Crew room and it’s stove which Sue litterally filled with wood to create a warm fuggy atmosphere that had everyone warmed up in no time.

Napier Uni was out on a trip and a hardy bunch they were too. Memories of student days diving in wet suits came flashing back as we shared the fire with shivering, wetsuit clad students who looked miserable until somebody said ‘Dive’, then it was all change as they charged back into the water. Here’s to you Ahab !

Lunched, warmed and ready to go again, the small flottila motored off down to the Sgerien Dubha light at the south of the sound where the plan was for the experienced divers to go off the Northern tip of the skerrie while Neil and I made our way along the inner reef. With grey seals in the water and getting ready to haul out to pup on the skerry we hoped to see some on the dive but it was not to be. Instead we descended onto a shingle bottom which gave way to small walls as we drifted northwards until we found silt at the point. This was the most interesting part of the dive with sea pens , scallops and Neil reporting a pipefish. Alan and Izzy were back in the boat by the time we surfaced as were Paul and Colin who reported a large wolf fish.

Scuba Diving Southern Sound of Kerrera

So with all in order we left ‘Plan B’ in Sarah’s able hands to pick up Gary and Dave and headed back to Puffin to haul out, hose down and clear the slip.

Hopefully photo’s from Colin will appear here wip