Gallanach bay, Puffin Dive Centre. Sunday March 13th

Snow, sleet, wind and the accompanying travel advisories… time to go diving !

Just the two of us this Sunday and very much a plan B, plan A having been blown out, but a cunning plan B as it gave us the opportunity to have a walk round the dive shop and take advantage of a free suit pressure test. The crew room proved to have a wood burning stove that Hamish cranked up until it glowed red, warming the very soles of our suits.

Kitting up in the snow

First dive set off straight out from the end of the pier on sand and rock but rapidly moved onto silt where we followed discarded scallop shells and sponges as we descended steep mud into the Kerrera channel until both the light and life ran out. Slowly ascending with a slight drift south as we climbed out of the channel we found a solitary phosphorescent sea-pen amidst a field of feeding peacock worms

The half time break saw more wood and even more heat getting pumped out of the stove in the crew room and as sensation returned to hands thoughts of a second dive crystallised.

This time we planned to do a clockwise circuit so set off to explore the shallower reefs and rocks where we found sea lemons

sea lemons mating.

before dipping down onto the mud.

On the ascent we can across this little flatty
flatty having a stand off with a crab

before hitting the small reefs for the last time and the warmth of the crew room.

more photos here

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