Bonawe Quarry, 16th January

It took a certain moral fibre found only by two fools egging each other on that saw Hamish and I driving across to Tyndrum on Sunday morning. Having negotiated flooding in the Perth area it wasn’t surprising that the Earn was a high as I had ever seen it and Glen Falloch was a loch stretching from Lax Toll to Crianlariach.

The dive of the day was Bonawe Quarry, selected as a safe and sheltered site. So with a reputation for unusual life but a silty bottom we very tentatively entered and with remarkable easy found ourself in tea. The navigation is easy, following a small chain out until an old derrick materialises from the gloom at about 8m and from there you continue down a silt slope until you come across the hull of an upturned clinker built , copper bottomed ketch at about 12m. The vis was good out of the silt but it was dark which added to the atmosphere and explained why the guppies, flatties and this common blenney were asleep.

Just next to the ketch are the remains of a metal pontoon but emerging from the gloom it could easily be mistaken for something else.

Emerging from the gloom

some photos here

So that was it for the day, in better light I’m sure there is more to see but that was enough for us and we turned and took a reciprocal bearing home avoiding our silt trails. We tried a second dive on the other side of the road but can’t recommend it.

On the way back we checked out the North Connell slip (gated though the key can be requested from the bar, NOT on Sundays). To complete a days adventure we stopped in at the Crianlariach Hotel, recently opened to the public for a superb pint and would happily have stayed, however the A85 was reported closed at Loch Earnhead, so we came back via Killin and the Braes arriving home slightly later than anticipated.