St Abbs diving Sunday 7th November

Sunday saw a well attended club trip to St Abbs where Alan had organised a hard boat.  11 divers were out which is very encouraging.

I think if anyone had thought that this was going to be an easy option they were ‘educated’ as the conditions proved to be challenging .  Someone described the diving as OK but it was the 1500 rpm spin cycle that was the problem and certainly with both tide and swell to contend with the dives were at least best described as  ‘entertaining’.  However the boat skipper knew his business and the pickups were good and while the lift wasn’t working we all managed the steps with some excellent imitations of Whale beaching.
The sea life was superb with rocks covered in dead mans fingers, anenomies, cup  corals, and some large, tame wrasse (ballan) which came very close obviously expecting a feed.  Vis was acceptable  with 3-6m and more in places but less in others were sediment had been disturbed.

Mikey and I saw a gear box housing on our first dive off the Black Carr , does that class as  a wreck dive ?  We literally bumped into Maureen and Fred as our eddies collided.

My computer didn’t start in the water so for me it was back to the old tables….time and depth…. so who remembers those then ! (46min at 20m, 20min at 30m, that all I can remember)
Second dive of the day saw the swell picking up a bit and a few sensible people opted for the cafe option while the less well socially adjusted members tried their luck again.  Same site but different current and another spin cycle which actually saw Colin suitably laundered  and Big-Zee, as Hamish will be referred to , finding an tunnel/arch and playing in the surf, again,  and being de-masked by a Titanic sinking sized beaker . Having had enough Big-Zee eventually raised his flag , surrendering to the boat crew .

Back at the harbour and after packing up, a general social coffee/cake/beer was called for and we all wound up in the Harbour Cafe.   Certain people who will not be named (it was Steve) shamelessly  finished all the cake !

So many thanks to Alan for organising a grand day out and thanks everyone for coming along.