Shore Dive Fifeness 4th September

On Saturday Mikey and I got an early start meeting at Discovery Quay in Dundee before travelling across to Crail to arrive about an hour or so before high tide. Condition were fair with a slight swell and small waves which were breaking over the reef. We entered directly below the coast guard station (WWII pillar box) on the reef itself and swam out to where the reef ends and every thing turns to sand. The viz was generally good with 4m plus. Amongst the wreckage encountered on the way was what I would identify as a Walking wheel from a steam engine with a diameter of some 6 feet and a 8 foot long drive shaft.  It would be optimistic to think this was part of the steam engine of an old paddle streamer or an early sail to power conversion however it is certainly of that age.

The fish life was very good, apart from the myriad of fry in massive nursery shoals, we saw a very large female Ballan wrasse and a small shoal for whiting.  The ubiquitous lobster was there and we had a bit of fun tickling it out of it’s lair and watching it escape backwards into the kelp.

Dives completed without incident and back in Dundee by 12:00