Sean Chroit Sgeir Na – Loch Linnhe 27th September

A good turn out from the club saw 7 divers trying a new site and a very pleasant dive was had by all at the Loch Linhe car park site just above the Corran Narrows.  (I submitted the site details to Finstrokes). As a shore-dive site this was just about perfect, ample parking and a relatively short and easy carry down to the beach where a simple wade got us in. 

The exit was just as simple. The site itself had an initial carpet of brittle stars interupted by the occasional scallop (King and Queen) but these gave way in shallower depths to a more varied life with some good fish life.

Lunch time between dives

Quite a bit of fishing line off the rocks but it was easily identifyable and avoided.

Once again thanks to Paul for his photos at here