Lismore light, Oban 17th September

A big thank you to Alan for organising the diving on Sunday and taking his boat.  Six of us, and the expert crew of boat handlers,  headed off to Oban and dived the Lismore Lighthouse at the entrance to the Sound of Mull.   No sunken galleons or wrecks dripping with brass but a good, Sound of Mull, scenic dive with loads of life , fair visibility and a very pleasant boat trip out and back.  Basking sharks and porpoise reported.  Second dive was on the Kerrera side of the North Channel of Oban harbour. The intrepid DO found a small wall just south of the automated light (on Kerrera) that worth doing while the rest of the team had a more or less scenic dive with reasonable viz further round towards the point. All in all a enjoyable day out with pleasant weather and oily calm seas.

Paul has published some photos here: