Dive trip to Loch Fyne

Seven of us headed down to Loch Fyne for a dive from the Argyll Caravan Park, what started as a Misty morning turned into a beautiful day on the West Coast.

We arrived at the caravan park to crystal smooth water and after launching the Rhib, Five headed off for a dive at Kenmore point and found the Coatbridge SAC – Gnome Garden:  http://www.gordonmackie.com/scuba_gnomes.htm

After a productive morning we returned to the caravan park for a BBQ and sandwiches and then Headed out on the Chinook to dive Stallion Rock but there was a problem with the clutch / pins that stopped the engine from fully engaging forward or in reverse and we limped back to base at 2 knots.

Thanks to every one that attended and pitching into help, it was a great day out despite the problems with the boat.

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