Hi, Thanks to Paul for towing the Chinook to Eyemouth on Sunday 8th August. 6 members attended. We did one boat dive and then one shore dive. I was persuaded to do the shore dive and once I saw the layout on the ‘Walkway’ into the sea I felt better about it. What a great dive that was in the gullies plenty of fish and life. Walls of ‘Dead mans’ fingers. There is also an old tree trunk which still seems to have fungi growing on it!  I was a little perturbed about the amount of rubbish we found, a large broken steel rope with a noose at the end of it. It is not there any more as I removed it from the sea! I wish I had taken my goody bag so that I could pick up the lager cans and plastic bags which were floating about. Yep! I have found a new soapbox item.

From Maureen Cotterell, Secretary.

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