Diving at Weasel Loch & Hairy Ness Eyemouth

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Five of the Perth BSAC Sub Aqua Members decided to head down to Eyemouth for a spot of training and shore diving on Sunday 18th July.

We all decided that if you can do the Shore dive at Weasel Loch there is no need for a Medical 🙂 After descending the 50 or so steps and a Scramble across the rocks and boulders to the sea we were welcomed to fantastic visibility over 10 metres and plenty of walls with Wrasse, Lobsters and Nudibranch.  After huffing and puffing back up the 50 steps we decided to do this dive as a boat dive next time. Although it is very sheltered from South Easterly winds.

After catching our breath we headed over to Hairyness for a 2nd Dive in the Gullies just off the old sewage pipe which concreted over makes a ideal walkway for us divers to walk straight down to the water and just drop in! A bit easier than the last this is one of my favourite dives as there is lots to see and we were not let down this time, we got to see walls of Deadmans fingers, Ballan Wrasse, Scorpion fish, Lobsters and a huge shoal of Sand Eels , what a dive.

Thanks to Colin Robertson for his photos.

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